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Open closed eyes in photos using AI

old photo to restore using AI Photo restored with AI
AI-powered application to correct closed eyes in photos

How to open closed eyes in photos?

1. Closed Eyes

Start with your picture with closed eyes.

2. Open Eyes

Upload a picture with open eyes or generate some using our AI.

3. Download ✨

Our AI does the magic and you can download the result.


Upload Your Moment

Begin by uploading the photo that needs a little tweak. Our platform supports a simple drag-and-drop, so you can quickly get to the business of perfecting your photos.


Personalize with Precision

Our AI uses this photo to understand exactly how your eyes look when they're open.
It then replicates your unique eye characteristics to replace the closed eyes in the first photo, ensuring authenticity and maintaining your natural look.


Download Your Perfected Photo✨

Within seconds, our AI works its wonders, and you'll have a photo where it looks like everyone was ready for the camera.

Download your newly corrected image and enjoy a moment that’s been brought back to life, ready to be shared and cherished.

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